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Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware

These services detect Phishing and Malware attacks early in their evolution, enabling our customers to conduct timely and responsive strategies that prevent and minimize potential damage.

Phishing Monitoring

  • 24 x 7 x 365 phishing attack detection and alert
  • Track usage of digital watermarks
  • Monitor web-server referrer logs
  • Monitor report-abuse mailbox provided to customers
  • Monitor anti-phishing forums
  • Track new domain name registrations to detect any spoofed site being registered
  • Web site analysis to track phishing sites

Rapid Incident Response

  • Initiate take-down of the phishing site
  • Feed fake user-id password to phishing site
  • Identify customers who have been phished
  • Coordination with law enforcement, CERT, ISP as needed


  • Reduce/prevent financial loss from phishing attacks
  • Higher trust for your customers since reputation is not affected by phishing attacks
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements through evidence collection, coordination & reporting
  • Availability of logs for legal action

Malware Scanning and Monitoring

Paladion's 24x7x365 Information Security Operations Center (SOC) is the backbone behind this unique, hybrid "Man-Machine" malware monitoring service. It builds a safe baseline for publicly-reachable pages while the scanning engine periodically spiders to check for deviations from the baseline. It also scans the website content with several popular anti-virus scanners.


  • Automated scanning service backed with expert analysis.
  • Paladion Scanning Portal for new enrollments, alert history and scanning status checks.
  • Scanning using leading anti-virus software, changed occasionally based on market feedback.
  • Signature updates checked every hour.
  • Create website 'safe baseline' to detect malicious code/link additions.
  • Advanced alert management—add known and valid changes to the baseline.
  • Crisp, easy-to-understand summary reports with low false positives.
  • Highly scalable architecture to scan thousands of websites and web pages.
  • Email and SMS alerts on malware detection.

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