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Captive Security Operations Center (SOC)

Security monitoring is more than just 24 x 7 monitoring of networks and server logs. It requires policies and processes for detecting, responding to, and managing potential incidents. The return-on-investment involves monitoring at the application, database and transaction levels.

What We Do and How We Work With Your Organization

NCS/Paladion provides solutions and services to manage your security monitoring and product management requirements through in-source and co-source models. We have proven technology that enables organizations to monitor incidents, fraudulent and malicious activities targeted toward business critical applications and databases. Additionally, we provide tools that can be integrated with transaction logs to further detect financial frauds.

In a managed service mode organizations do not need to invest time, effort, and money to build-up security monitoring capabilities. Paladion and NCS jump-start the process, either in remote-management or onsite-management mode, to leverage the benefits of mature and proven technologies and processes.

Paladion also manages installed security products in a proactive and continuous manner. The services cover firewalls, IDS, anti-virus, content filters, and email security. Typical activities in a Paladion product management environment include configuration management, performance management, and fault management. Alongside this, Paladion also makes use of its consulting skills to define security policies that correspond to the managed products.

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