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Code Reviews

Code reviews examine and analyze application and other code sets for accidental security vulnerabilities and deliberate or inadvertent application backdoors.

  • Code reviews leverage leading commercial tools and proprietary tools supported by specialized staff with dual security and software development expertise.
  • Test results provide precise assessments of the security strength of applications and code sets, including line-by-line reviews that highlight security flaws and the associated line(s) of affected code.
  • Code reviews are accompanied by reports that include actionable mitigation recommendations and code fixes.

A Continuous Monitoring and Improvement Methodology

Our methodology combines comprehensive code reviews of entire code-bases with incremental reviews of "fixes" and new builds, while providing a highly efficient method for establishing continuous maintenance and comprehensive code review programs.

Code reviews are especially valuable when testing (a) established critical applications, (b) applications that were developed under contract to third-parties, and (c) applications that emanate from mergers and acquisitions. This ensures compliance with appropriate security standards.

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