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Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management (GRC)

NCS works with its clients to create sustainable security and risk management frameworks that reduce overall risk postures. This encompasses assurance of compliance to required standards, local laws, regulations, and audit practices. 

Technical and Management GRC Solutions are Linked

GRC practices reflect how organizations define and manage an integrated approach to IT governance, risk, and compliance, including the measures, mechanisms, and processes that operate within an organization. Key objectives are consistency, collaboration, efficiency, and transparency. This is best achieved when common technology frameworks and infrastructures are put in place, as these (by default) help unify business silos, standardize processes, and improve communication.

It is in this context that NCS provides its customers with proven technical solutions, policies, and procedures that enable effective deployment and management of IT governance, risk, and compliance policies, security architectures, business continuity and disaster recovery, application security, key metrics, and privacy issues. 

About Compliance Management

Every enterprise is inundated with regulatory mandates and guidelines: HIPAA, SOX, BASEL II, COBIT, and FISMA to name just a few. The challenges are to (1) interpret and comply with the regulations, (2) identify and define requirements and implementation strategies, and (3) develop and employ the technologies and business practices that ensure compliance on a continuing basis.

Based on our experience with a myriad of organizations worldwide, coupled with the unique capabilities of our partners, NCS is uniquely positioned to assist you in managing the compliance needs of your organization. For example, our delivery framework and methodology integrates global standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 20000, COBIT, ITIL, BS 25999 and DRII, to name a few.

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