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Managed Security Services

Security breaches can occur at any time. Moreover, vulnerabilities can exist at virtually any place in an IT environment. Consequently, the critical requirements are to identify and manage security risks in a holistic, real-time, and integrated fashion.

Our managed security services enable organizations to manage the entire spectrum of IT security, ranging from risk identification to developing and engineering mitigation solutions, to deploying remote or onsite security management and continuous monitoring. Additionally, the services provide an ongoing protection program against security risks, which allows our customers to operate a single, unified management platform that protects all security risks.

Backed by a service level agreement, managed security is delivered in both on-site and off-site models. To optimize risk management, NCS and Paladion incorporate a repository of risks and controls, security tools, and automated processes.

Managed Security Services are offered in a modular manner with the following components:

  • Managed governance, risk and compliance
  • Managed security operations center
  • Managed testing and assurance
  • Managed identity and access

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