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Traditional Penetration Testing

Penetration tests assess (a) how vulnerable networks, systems, and applications are to attack, (b) whether purported security defenses are sufficient, and (c) which defenses, if any, were breached during the penetration test.

Security and application vulnerabilities discovered during penetration tests are reported to our clients via Penetration Test Reports. These reports provide clear-cut assessments of application code and how the discovered vulnerabilities might impact the business. Recommendations regarding how to deploy countermeasures that eliminate the risks uncovered during the penetration testing are also provided.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

  • Determine the likelihood that a particular set of attack vectors will allow breaches
  • Identify high-risk vulnerabilities that can result from sequentially penetrating a combination of lower-risk attack surfaces
  • Identify exposures that may not be detectable with automated network or application vulnerability scanning software
  • Evaluate potential business impacts of cyber-attacks
  • Test the ability of network-defenders to detect, fend off, and respond to attacks
  • Provide the basis for cost justifying continued investments in security personnel and technologies

Scope of Penetration Testing

NCS and Paladion provide managed network, application, and process level security assessments and testing that enable you to minimize exposure to potentially damaging threats. Penetration testing services are available for the following technologies and entry points:

  • Servers
  • Databases
  • External network elements
  • Batch applications
  • Web applications
  • Internal network elements
  • Mobile applications
  • Social engineering

How We Work With Your Security Team

Our managed security testing services are based upon the implementation of "assessment cycles." The frequency of testing (E.g. monthly, quarterly) is based on type of asset. (E.g. network elements, servers, applications, and databases.)

Using an integrated mix of tools and skills, tests are carried out periodically as per the defined cycles. Our team of experts takes ownership for driving the mitigation action, while the client is provided with a rich reporting platform to visualize the security status and compliance levels across business groups, divisions and asset categories.

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