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Red Team Cyber Attack Simulation and Security Evaluation

Red teams detect cyberssecurity vulnerabilities by using a real-world hacker's approach to infiltrating systems, networks, and data. Advanced techniques are used by cybersecurity experts to simulate actual cyberattacks. The objective is to strengthen security.

Project Scope and Guidelines

  • The scope can be broad or very specific, according to what is required by the customer.
  • No prior knowledge of the customer environment is required. 
  • Red Team members document all testing steps and procedures for verification or retesting purposes.
What You Get: A Report and Presentation

Testing results and recommendations are detailed in a final report which includes:
  • A summary of testing procedures and methodologies
  • A description of all security vulnerabilities and how they were discovered
  • An overall risk assessment and risk level of each vulnerability.
  • Samples of data that could have been extricated
  • Actionable remediation recommendations


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