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Web Applications Security Testing

Web application security testing services assess, track and remediate vulnerabilities in web applications.  Delivered on-demand, the services:

  • Scan internet and intranet web applications
  • Include a fully interactive UI with flexible workflows and reporting
  • Scans HTML web applications with JavaScript and embedded Flash
  • Open Web Application Security ProjectScans for and detects Top 10 OWASP Vulnerabilities:
    1. Web application vulnerabilities
    2. Operator-sided data leakage
    3. Insufficient data breach response
    4. Insufficient deletion of personal data
    5. Non-transparent policies, terms and conditions
    6. Collection of data not required for the primary purpose
    7. Sharing of data with third party
    8. Outdated personal data
    9. Missing or Insufficient Session Expiration
    10. Insecure data transfers
  • Checks handling of sensitive or secret data
  • Scans for SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), source disclosure, and directory traversal
  • Generates compliance reports containing recommended secure coding practices, and configuration
  • Differentiates exploitable fault-injection problems from simple information disclosure
  • Enables creation of customizable scanning options
  • Customized crawling using Black/White lists, Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files
  • Supports common authentication schemes
  • Performs brute force attacks using pre-defined and custom password lists
  • Profiles custom web application behaviors
  • Configures scanning performance with customizable performance level

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